Popular Japanese Real Hole Julia replica onahole gets revamp

Julia is one of the most famous Japanese adult movie actresses on planet earth – and probably any other planet with JAV-star-enthusiast inhabitants. Most likely due to her talent for starring in such movies and her physical assets. 

It’s not surprising then that there are multiple sex toys replicas modelled on her intimate areas made for our pleasure. Aside from the Julia Plus + (here) which is undoubtedly the most popular onahole available, another well-renowned toy based on her is the Japanese Real Hole Julia (here) from the Real Hole series, all based on famous adult video idols.

The Real Hole series of male masturbators is popular due to the high-superb materials and build quality, as well as the stimulation they provide. And the Julia version is even more popular because…well, it’s based on Julia. 

Japanese Real Hole Julia
Japanese Real Hole Julia (New Version) by EXE

Well, with the recent release of several new additions to the Real Hole series by EXE based on currently popular JAV stars, we were pleasantly surprised to see that there is a new and updated version of the Julia onahole. Julia is now the only adult idol to have two toys in the series. 

The Japanese Real Hole Julia (New Version) – here – features a bigger and weightier design, which of course adds to the sturdiness and feel when held in hand.

Here’s a couple of promotional pictures by EXE showing the inviting vaginal lips of Juila that guide you into her snug meandering tunnel with a series of pleasurable nubs throughout. 

Japanese Real Hole Julia
Japanese Real Hole Julia

As all good onahole should do, this one builds up pleasurable suction effect to get all those various protrusion within gripping and stroking your member nicely. The outer material is also soft, flexible and durable so it should last for many session to come providing you don’t get too carried away. 

Japanese Real Hole Julia

We at R18 Japan are particularly fond of JAV star replica toys and especially of ones of this quality. What better way to enjoy an adult movie starring your favourite actress and experiencing her on a more intimate level with a replica of her love tunnel? And with Julia’s back catalogue of amazing adult movies, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this toy. 

The Japanese Real Hole Julia (New Version) is available now from otonaJP.

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