Famous JAV Star Eimi Fukada finds herself in deep trouble with Japanese Tax authorities

The insanely famous JAV star that has been featured in over 100 movies and dozens of Adult toys is now facing severe trouble as Japanese tax authorities.

Having been the topic of countless media coverage and a few scandals, she troubles she now finds herself in are much worse than everything she endured so far. After switching to a new agency in 2023, it now turn out that her old agency did not correctly declare and pay her taxes. In Japan it is quite common for entertainers to be on a fixed salary and leave everything else (including Taxes) up to the Agency that they work for.

It even turns out they they never did file any tax declarations for her, leaving her now with an estimated tax bill of 80 Million Yen (equivalent to roughly 550,000 USD) which may even increase depending on the fines she have to pay which can go up to 40% in Japan, depending on the decision of the Authorities based on their judgement of the situation.

According to sources close to Fukada, she says that she was mislead by her old Agency and believed that everything was handled and accounted for. As she was on a fixed salary as mentioned earlier, it is still unknown to which extend her former Agency will be a target in the investigations as well.

After having used all her savings according to Fukada, she is now more devoted than ever to grow her following and to even accept more jobs, such as for a Casino Ad than before to pay her Debt back and return to safe financial waters.

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