Izuna Maki: An 18-year-old fresh-face beauty makes her AV debut

Izuna Maki is an eighteen-year-old beauty who is drawing lots of attention in the Japanese adult movie industry with her recent debut AV release. 

Izuna has youthful looks as well as small yet pert breasts and a charming coyness about her that she applies superbly to her performance. Her debut movie is Fresh Face No. 1 Style Izuna Maki 18 Years Old Porn Debut and is produced by the Japanese AV studio S1 NO.1 STYLE. 

If you like a good actress debut AV movie, and especially ones with fresh-faced beauties with slender bodies and shaved pussies, then Izuna’s is absolutely worth the consideration. Her performance is splendid and we can safely assume we’ll be seeing much more of her in future.

Fresh Face No. 1 Style Izuna Maki 18 Years Old Porn Debut is available now for HD download and HD streaming.

Here are some screenshots from Nana’s debut:

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