Tama Toys releasing latest AI powered Vagina (well we mean Anal Home)

Japanese Adult Toy maker Tama Toys surely always is at the forefront when it comes to new developments and ideas in the crazy world of japanese sex toys.

They have been catching some attention recently with their new and shiny Gaming Dildo which lights up in 7 different colors while pleasing the lovers of electronic games.

Their latest development however is something else, it’s the seventh entry in their AI powered Onahole series but this time with an Anal hole called Artificial Intelligence Vagina No.07 (it still is not a Vagina though).

The hot girl on the box art definitely has been risen from the depths of the AI powered world but she is hot, so who cares to be honest.

So if you like to get to know her tiny Anal hole a bit better, japanese retailers such as otonaJP can hook you up and send your AI powered piece of Happiness to where ever in the world you are.

How do you feel about AI catching up on our beloved Onaholes?

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