Magic Eyes expanding their Kupa steampunk-themed onahole range

Who doesn’t want a sex-obsessed steampunk waifu with a tight pussy? They love nothing more than grinding gears and pulling levers. 

That pleasant fantasy can now be realised with the Kupa Trip series of rubber waifus from Magic Eyes.

These three unique male masturbators follow the steampunk theme amazingly well, from the fine box art designs to the elegant gear and pump engravings on the exterior – there’s an amazing level of detail on each. Not only do they provide great penis pleasure, but they’d also make great shelf decorations if you so desired, due to their extraordinary looks and the fact that they barely look like masturbators. 

To help you choose the best steampunk girl for your wants, we’ve put together this helpful summary of each toy in the series, as they each offer something a little different…

The Kupa Trip is was the first in the series and is the standard-type version, offering medium stimulation. It comes with a deep black exterior and a red inner tunnel. 

The new Kupa Trip Mattari Soft is, as the name suggests, the soft version. This one provides a gentler stimulation than the original and would suit those who are a little more sensitive, or who want slower-paced sessions. The exterior is a deep pink colour while the interior tunnel is a lighter pink colour with a complex flap design.  

And finally, the new Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard is the hard-type version which offers a little stronger stimulation than the original and would suit those who want a toy that offers a quick finish, or someone who wants to do stamina training. The exterior of this is a semi-transparent “crystal’ colour that allows you to see the red tunnel within and also adds some visual stimulation as you can observe yourself as you slide inside. 

The Kupa Trip Onahole Series is available now from otonaJP.

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