Abema TV visited the Hot Powers factory to see how their sex toys are made

Hot Powers, one of the more prominent, popular and eccentric Japanese sex toy makers, was recently visited by Japanese TV streaming platform Abema TV for a short documentary-style look at their toy-making process.

Hot Powers have always been an open company choosing to share a lot of behind-the-scenes footage and images from their factory and office on Twitter. Their followers are often treated to content showing mould castings and materials, experiments and ideas for future products, and daily staff shenanigans. They are clearly one of the more accessible and easy-going Japanese toy makers and if you’re a fan of sex toys you’ll undoubtedly enjoy their social media offerings.

Ameba TV is a popular adult-focused streaming platform in Japan, with a series of short documentaries and comedy series, as well as sports coverage and anime news. They often focus on more adult themes which offer people a glimpse into the hidden, secretive side of Japan and its culture. 

This episode follows gravure idol Yuka Shirafuji from J-Pop group Ebisu Muscat. Yuka can be seen talking to the Hot Powers staff, asking questions about how they do things, playing with some of the toys and observing the manufacturing process. 

If you want to view the full episode, a subscription to Abema TV will be needed. Fortunately, they offer a one-month free trial so you can view the episode and all their other premium content free of charge.

Here’s a shorter version of the Hot Powers visit from the Abema TV YouTube channel. 

Screenshots from the Abema TV Hot Powers factory visit:

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