Puni Ana Onahole Series Goes ELECTRIC

Puni Ana Electric Onahole

In this article: The new Puni Ana Electric Onahole – An Automatic Rotor Male Masturbator by EXE.

For those of you who know Onaholes and have been following the world of Japanese Sex Toys a while, the Puni Ana Series is definitely no stranger to you. Puni Ana DX, Puni Ana DX Hard and many many more have pleased hobby wankers like myself over the years.

It seems that maker EXE has stepped up their game by giving us a more of an automatic solution to our fapping needs. The Puni Ana ROID reminds us a bit of Classic Electric Masturbators such as the A10 Cyclone from Rends or the fancy Tenga Flip Holes and their Electric counterparts.

Puni Ana Electric Onahole
The Puni Ana ROID in all its Glory

But besides taking the hard work out of thrusting in an out your Masturbator, what does the latest Puni Ana offer? EXE advertises that it comes with 7 different Vibration patterns in addition to 7 rotation patterns. This leaves us with a freaking total of 49 ways to enjoy this Beast, which sounds pretty amazing if you ask me.

On the bottom the ROID has a useful Suction Cup which lets you attach Ana on your Desk/Table or any other flat surface that can accommodate the Suction Cup. In addition, you can adjust the height by 145 Degrees which is helpful.

Puni Ana Electric Onahole
Wam Bam Thank you……Mam…..in 49 different ways, even

The thing, however, that got my attention the most is the the Puni Ana Roid comes with a built in sound generator that even has a Headphone Jack (why on Earth did no one have this Idea before?), letting you listen to her sweet moaning and sound during your attempt to give her some Quality Time.

If you feel you want to give her a try, then have a look at otonajp who supply the Puni Ana ROID. They ship worldwide and have been supporting my idea for this blog when no one else would even reply. Big shoutout to them!

The Puni Ana Electric Onahole – Follow this here link to purchase and help support the blog, thanks.

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