Onahole panic buying in Japan due to Coronavirus

These are trying times for the world with the Novel Corona Virus (Covid19) currently infecting a large number of people worldwide, and in turn, affecting stock markets, overloading medical services and causing panic buying. 

As you might expect, the things that people have been panic buying includes things like disinfectants, foods with a long shelf life, and toilet paper. It’s somewhat understandable as nobody wants to be left short if measures such as nationwide quarantines are put in place, as is happening in Italy right now. 

One industry that you might be surprised to hear is experiencing shortages in Japan, however , is that of male masturbators, aka onaholes. As many are now spending more time at home to avoid potential contamination, and also the possibility that a quarantine could be put in place in future, men in Japan are stocking up on sex toys.

Shops in Japan that specialise in male masturbatory aids are reporting that their stocks are starting to run low, which is, in turn, causing more men to purchase what is available. Some of these stores have even resorted to putting up signs outside warning customers of the shortages.  

This tweet, made by the social media account of one such store, says “Conavirus, this is unforgivable. There are certain lines you do not cross”.

And the sign: Due to the Novel Coronavirus, our supply of adult goods is low. Our next shipment is not expected until at least late April, so please make your purchase soon.

So, fans of male masturbators from Japan, perhaps you are now wondering if this situation will affect your ability to purchase new toys.

We decided to reach out to our friends at otonaJP – an online adult shop based in Japan, that sells worldwide – for their insider input. Here’s what they told us:

“Indeed, there are currently some shortages of male masturbators amongst physical stores in Japan due to increased purchases. Some less common items are slightly delayed. Having said that, online stores such as ourselves should have ample stock of the most popular toys in our warehouses, so supplying our customers abroad shouldn’t be too much of a problem providing the situation does not escalate.”

There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. There is no reason to panic-buy onaholes just yet. Remain calm, your masturbation sessions will not be affected by the current situation. 

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