June Lovejoy AV debut – JUNY-018 – Review

Breaking into a industry is never easy, especially to make yourself stand out in the Japanese Adult Video (JAV) industry. I say that but there’s one person I know who has done it and her name is June Lovejoy.

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One thing you can immeditaly tell about June is she’s a Caucasian woman who works in Japan in the JAV industry. Not too unusual as there have been other Caucasian women before her that have done the same. What makes June stand out though is an American who can read/write/speak fluent Japanese as well. You can hear it in her AV when she speaks both languages and when you see her social media as she posts / interacts with fans in Japanese and English.

Also, she has a really big ass/hips which is very attractive.

Looks like she’s in for the long run too compared to other non-Japanese actresses who make maybe three to five AV then leave the industry.

JAV Review

This is June Lovejoy’s JAV debut. It starts off with June getting interviewed as she talks about her interest in JAV industry, her personal sexual information (like how many times she masturbates), and more. The interview ends with the interviewer bring out a measuring tape, and showing the camera that June’s hips are an amazing 112 cm (44 inches) .

One complaint I noticed with JAV is people lamenting how the women don’t have big asses. I’m hoping June will bring those people to love JAV more by bringing her big sexy ass into the industry. In her debut AV they give her many outfits to truly show how big they are and how enjoyable it is to see them bounce up and down on the screen.

Despite it being her debut AV, with girls regularly being quite shy about being on camera, June shows us how much she loves being on camera and had an excellent performance. She made the noises you love to hear in JAV (blowjob slurping, moans, and constant communication with her partners), excited to give oral, great expressions while receiving oral, and her partners knew to slap that ass with their pelvis to make that audible slapping noise.

Speaking of communication, June is fluent in Japanese as she had previously worked at a Japanese company for three years and forced herself to speak only Japanese with her colleagues. Although there were many embarrassing moments with incorrectly using Japanese it only made her comprehension stronger and she became more knowledgeable. It’s very hot to hear her speak Japanese and English through many of her scenes.

June shows she is very experienced with her partners throughout the whole AV. She makes sure her partner feels good and in turn they will make her feel good. You could tell June had a great time with each scene with the big smile across her face and her partners voicing out pleasure as well.

It was a great debut performance. June surpassed my expectations for her debut JAV. You can tell she loves her work in the industry and we love her for doing it. I’m expecting to have even better performances going forward. She’s doing multiple films a month so you get to enjoy many, many of her AV that you can see at R18. Go to her website to get a physical copy of her DVD/Bluray that she will personally autograph and send to you along with a original Polaroid picture https://junelovejoy.com/shop/.

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