Build muscles and masturbate with Tenga Workout Gear

Get a workout with Tenga’s new “Tenga Workout Gear,” the masturbator shaped dumbbell.

Tenga has done it again. They released another item to make sure your arm gets a good workout. This time it truly is a workout as they created the “Tenga Workout Gear,” a four kilogram (8.8 pounds) cast iron weight shaped like their Vacuum Cup model.

As one of Japan’s leading adult toy manufacturers, Tenga has dedicated themselves to make the best pleasure toys around. So it came as quite the surprise they promoted this behemoth, both in weight and in price at 55,000 yen.

It it quite the steep price for just one dumbbell, especially at only four kilograms, but there’s the extreme novelty of it that makes it interesting. At least when you buy the Tenga Workout Gear it comes in a nice storage box to keep your most expensive new weight to display or to keep safe in after every use.

They even made instructional guides and videos on their Youtube channel on how to workout with this special dumbbell with a very muscular guy to show what kind of intense workout you can get with one or two of them. They mimic actual dumbbell workouts you normally see people doing at the gym.

Love the name of Training 6, “One-handed Destroyer.”

This is no joke as Tenga even uploaded a video showing how they made this heavy weight masturbator shaped dumbbell. It’s made by metalwork’s company Castem in Fukuyama, Japan.

The inside of the Tenga Workout Gear is actually hollow. Why? To flip it open and insert your own Tenga inside the metal shell to give your arm that “extra weight” when you’re using your Tenga on yourself.

If you’re interested in getting this most heavy duty arm workout device you can on Tenga’s website here. It’s time to BULK UP. Make sure you workout both arms or it’ll look a little funny when just one arm is toned and muscular while the other is limp and lean. I’m sure someone will assume the reason why “only one arm” is so big but you can tell them it’s because you’re “working out” which is no lie.

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