Tokyo Areolampics 2020 – RCTD-304 – Review

When you think of big breasts and voluptuous bodies in Japan certain names come to mind due to how popular they are, Hana Haruna, Marina Yuzuki, and Nina Nishimura. So when you get all three together into one AV you know it’s going to be a hot time! In fact, this is the first time all three are together in one AV, the “Tokyo Areolampics 2020.”

They had one previous AV together but they co-starred with 18 other women, which you can also watch at R18.

This is obviously a parody of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 that was supposed to happen but was postponed until 2021 (as of now) due to COVID-19. In the Areolampics the three girls are competing in several competitions against each other.

We see them measure themselves in sort of a qualification / pre-game/ testing scenes to see has the biggest breasts, heaviest breasts, and biggest areola.

The first competition is a paizuri, aka tit fuck, competition to see who can make their partner cum first with their big breasts and oil lubrication .

First place Hana (4:56). Second place Nina (8:37). Third place Marina (8:41).

Given how many paizuri Hana has given in the past few years, releasing several JAV a month, it’s no surprise she won here. This is the only competition with men involved as the rest are between the three women only.

The second competition is to see who can make themselves cum the fastest using whatever toys they want. This leads to interesting adult toys besides a the normal dildo, like a feather and a toothbrush.

First place Marina (2:38). Second place Hana (10:21). Third place Nina (10:58).

At an incredible 2 minutes and 38 seconds, Marina certainly knows how to pleasure herself to a very wet state.

In the next competition we see each girl chained up by their wrists while the other two try to make them cum and whoever can hold out the longest before cumming wins. Again, their are adult toys used here to make it happen, including a breast pump. The main point here is they can only attack the breasts and above to make their opponent cum.

First place Hana (14:30). Second place Nina (12:09). Third place Marina (8:57).

In a way, somewhat surprising and impressive as Hana only recently got into lesbian themed AV in her long career.

In the last competition we see the three compete in naked oil wrestling / lesbian. They start off rubbing oil all over each other with their own bodies then come together for a three way friendly game kiss before going all out to make the other cum. Competition is fierce and hot as they each double team the other or really go hard on a one to one fight.

In the end Marina came out on top, literally. Followed by Hana and Nina.

At the end of the JAV they have a awards ceremony for the Tokyo Areolampics 2020. First place is Marina. Second place is Hana. Third place is Nina.

This was a very hot AV to watch, especially if you’re a fan of big breasts and voluptuous women. These three really did their best to win and you can see it in their eyes and their hot actions. If you’re not really into seeing men in AV then this AV is definitely for you as there is only one scene with them for the paizuri competition. I hope to see these three hot ladies compete again in the Tokyo Areolampics 2021.

Get this AV at R18.
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