JAV Star Kurea Hasumi is getting her own figure

It’s not everyday you get a figure made to look like you. It’s even more rare to get a official figure of a popular JAV star, like Kurea Hasumi. Her figure is currently the most recent in the “PLAMAX Naked Angel” line of figures made by Max Factory.

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You likely know Kurea from her JAV or maybe you’ve even met her at AVN in Vegas when she went in 2016. Now you can get a official figure of hers which just started pre-orders today on GOOD SMILE’s website.

The plastic model is based on a 3D scan of Kurea naked and while wearing sexy booty shorts. They really did capture the seductiveness of Kurea with each pose. I think the eyes are really well done as well.

The figures are 1/20th scale and approximately 80 mm in height (3.15 inches).

While her genitalia is not visible in this figure due to Japanese law, you do still get her full figure for the nude version, including nipples.

You get both figures for ¥2,800 (plus tax and shipping) when it ships out later this year in September 2021. Pre-orders are available until April 15th 2021 so don’t forget to order your own Kurea figure today.

Pre-order your own Kurea Hasumi figure today.
Watch her JAV at R18.

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