Amazon banning anime figures for “resembling children in suggestive manner”

According to princetrunks on Twitter, Amazon sent him multiple emails saying many of the anime figures and nendoroids he sells on their website. It’s not like the figures he lists are “xxx rated” as Amazon describes them to “depict children or characters resembling children in a sexually suggestive manner.” They’re pretty much normal figures you can order from sites like GOOD SMILE without any R18 tag. Is it just a attack on the one seller by a angry customer against the seller or is Amazon’s removal bot going on a ban spree for the “bare skin” you see from the legs of these figures?

Here are some of the figures that are now banned on Amazon. Do they look like they depict “children in a sexually suggestive manner?”

Shining Wind – Kureha Touka – Swimsuit version
Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo – Asaba Ureshiko
Kagami Hiiragi Summer Uniform

Yet when I look up “Kagami Lucky Star” on Amazon I find other Kagami figures similar to it still being sold.

Kagami Hiiragi Winter Uniform

I also find many pillows / pillow cases depicting Kagami in exactly the same manner /reason Amazon banned the figures from still being sold.

Listed on Amazon as ” Star Fit Lucky Gay Kagami Muscles Fitness Anime Buff Canvas Wall Art for Living Room Bedroom Kitchen Dinning Room Office Home Decor 4 “

There’s also the double standard as some figures are still listed as being for sale on Amazon Japan’s website despite being banned on the Amazon US website, like this Kirino Kousaka nendoroid.

There are also very suggestive Kirino pillow covers being sold on Amazon US’s website which are still being listed for sale.

Is the seller being targeted by an angry previous customer who’s reporting them for selling what they’re obviously not selling? As you can see the seller isn’t selling something that would fall under Amazon’s ban based on their own reasoning. There are also sellers who sell similar goods or even goods Amazon specifically bans still available. Why aren’t they banned? Is it just a matter of time?

Maybe Amazon’s bot which detects such goods to be banned based on the skin color of the figures? I myself have posted images on Instagram and get warnings and have been suspended for posting images with a similar reason, showing “adult situations or nudity,” but in no way did the images show such things. I assume the Instagram bot sees too much “skin” and gives me that warning. Yet there are accounts on Instagram which do show nudity, including a woman’s nipples without censorship, that have hundreds of thousands or over a million followers. So again, double standard.

It’s hard to say but hopefully the seller can sell those figures again soon and Amazon revisits why their bot banned what they did and for what reason so it doesn’t happen again.