Glory hole used by monkeys in Japanese zoo

When a monkey gives birth in a zoo it’s normally not news worth but for one lar gibbon in Mori Kirara, a zoo in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, it was. The lar gibbon, named Momo (which means peach in Japanese), had given birth to a baby despite having no official breeding session with any of the male lar gibbon’s at the zoo. It was quite a surprise for zoo staff to find Momo with a currently unnamed baby in her arms. Did Momo somehow defy her biology and become parthenogenesis? No, it’s a much simpler answer, a glory hole.

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Yes, humans are not the only ones who use glory hole’s apparently. If you didn’t know, a glory hole is basically a hole in a wall in which a male sticks their penis through for the person on the other side of the wall to what they will with it. In the case of Momo it led to her baby.

Despite being separated by cages, there are a potential 5 fathers to the new baby.

It’s not like the males can just stick it through the cages through to Momo’s cage. The cages have a decent amount of separation between them with small enough grids where nothing sexual can happen.

Then comes the glory hole was discovered by zoo staff after a thorough investigation as to how the birth could have happened and found one of the rusted gates that separate the males from Momo had a small hole in it. It’s about 3 cm (1.2 inches) in length and apparently it was enough for one of the males, we’re assuming this wasn’t monkey orgy, to stick it through and to Momo.

Honestly, this sounds like it hurts, for whichever monkey(s) stuck it through the glory hole. That’s likely sharp metal and with it being rusted it’s not likely very hygienic, especially if the monkey got cut by the metal.

Well, I guess it was worth it for the lar gibbon’s to use the glory hole. As they say “when there’s a will, there’s a way.” “Damn horny apes!!”

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