JAV idols get hot and slippery in Oil Lotion VR experience

JAV Stars are sexy enough already with their perfect asses and tits and curves and soft skin and erect nipples etc – but there’s something about covering them in an oily lubricant that makes them even more mesmerizing. 

All that shiny glistening skin and slippery sexual action just does something for men, and many women too. No wonder there are countless AV releases involving the actresses dousing themselves in oil before putting on a wonderful display for us to enjoy. But there aren’t too many VR options available as of yet with this lubricated theme, and it’s a shame because it seems like the perfect combination when you think about it – witnessing a hot girl all oiled up as if she was right there in front of you touching and playing with herself for your pleasure.

Fortunately, some of the Japanese AV studios are putting their adult movie-making efforts into providing us with titles with such an experience. One such title being Oil Lotion VR by K M Produce.

This hot, wet and slippery movie stars eight sexy JAV stars at the top of their game who cover themselves all over in oil before proceeding to play with themselves – and letting you play too. 

The eight stars in the movie are Kurea Hasumi, Leila Hazuki, Aina Nagasse, Kanon Kanade, Ai Kawana, Aida Usagi, Riko Sato and Yui Horizawa. Quite an amazing lineup right? 

The movie is 100 minutes long and is filmed with state of the art HD VR equipment to ensure you’re getting the best oily JAV star experience available, other than physically being there in person. 

Oil Lotion VR is available now from R18.com to download and stream

Here are some images from this sultry and highly lubricated VR movie:

All images are the property of K M Produce

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