Huge P-Cup breast Japanese beauty jiggling up a Twitter storm

It’s a common assumption that Japanese women have small breasts, and while it may be true that they generally have smaller breasts on average compared to their Western counterparts, the notion that all of them have small breasts is absolutely not true. 

Hirari is one Japanese girl who utterly blows that myth out of the water. She’s a twenty-six-year-old with absolutely huge breasts, “estimated to be a P-Cup or more” – and she’s getting a lot of attention because of the fact. 

Here’s a couple of videos to see why…

Hirari regularly posts photos, videos and updates about her work, but she keeps all of her very best content for her subscribers on her Patreon page where she offers photo and video sets of her and boobs whilst performing various actions.

You can follow Hirari on Twitter and see her on Patreon here.

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