Fresh Face NO.1 STYLE – Aka Asuka AV Debut – Review

It’s never easy to be the new girl in the JAV industry. Your work is new so no one knows who you really are, how you perform in JAV, and how your personality is. So when the studio you work for is really pushing your debut there is heavy expectations that it’ll do well. Does fresh face Aka Asuka JAV debut with S1 NO.1 STYLE meet that expectation? Let’s talk about it in this review of her JAV.

S1 NO.1 STYLE, which will further be called S1N1, is known for bringing fresh faces to the JAV industry. Aka is their newest debut and S1N1 really pushed her debut JAV on their social media leading up to the release date. Supposedly she’ll become their new poster girl, replacing their old poster girl, Rara Anzai.

Body wise, both have a “porn star” body type, big breasts, tight waist, hour glass figure, and generally toned. Though I think Rara is slightly more toned than Aka and Rara’s breasts are bigger. Face wise, Rara had more of a “sexy porn star” look compared to Aka who is more regular. What’s nice about Aka over Rara though is her breasts are more of the “rocket type” as they point out more than Rara’s, giving them a nice shape whether she’s standing, kneeling, on her back, or on all fours. We’ll have to see if her rocket breasts stay in that form in the future or will they start to sag?

The JAV starts with the standard interview for their debut. What’s slightly different is they’re walking and conducting the interview outside, Aka even gets a Starbucks frappuccino to drink while they’re doing it. What’s interesting about Aka is her hobbies includes anime and phone games. They later continue the interview indoors. The JAV is 149 minutes long and 1/3 (50 minutes) is dedicated to the interview. So if you can’t read / understand Japanese you can skip the first 1/3 of the JAV.

Her first scene isn’t particularly erotic but more your common “first scene” scenario. She’s very quiet and doesn’t make the loud noises you normally hear from more experienced actresses, lack of sucking noises, no loud moans, not much erotic dialogue. She moves a little slower than others as well, as if she’s too conscious of what she’s doing. The guy does most of the work in this scene.

Her second scene involves sucking on a dildo held by a guy while another guy is groping her breasts from behind. She then gives the dildo a titty job. Followed by her first real titty job. Again, “first scene” scenario, a little slow to give the titty job and seems too conscious of it.

In her last scene it seems Aka has gotten rid of her “first scene” jitters as she’s more expressive, smiling more, moves more frequently, moans louder, and even gives more dialogue. So we end on a good note. Hopefully she’ll continue this in her future AV.

By the way, camera angle wise, whoever is doing it does a great job. It really focused on Aka more and did appropriate takes of her big breasts when the scene called for it.

I’m glad the AV ended in a happy note with Aka being more enthusiastic in her acting and during sex compared to her first 2 scenes. As I said earlier, hopefully she’ll continue that trend and gets even better and better. Would personally love to see her with longer hair. She’s got a future in the JAV industry and I can see it being a long future if she chooses to stay in it.

Score 6/10

Get Aka’s JAV at R18.