BLACK QUEEN EROS – Hana Haruna – GONE014 – Review

Despite doing so many AV throughout her whole ten year career, currently listed at 600 titles she’s in at R18, this is Hana Haruna’s first time going tan. Although not for everyone, the “tan look” does make the JAV slightly more interesting as it highlights not only the breast but the ass too since there’s a contrast between the tan and non-tan portions of the body. It’s normally a spray on tan they do just for the JAV. Does it do anything for Hana though?

If you didn’t already know, Hana is quite popular for her sexy looks that includes big, soft, and natural breasts along with a more voluptuous body that you wouldn’t normally see with other JAV girls with big breasts that have been around as much as her.

I’m a fan of Hana’s JAV but watching this one left me with disappointment. What’s hot about Hana, besides her big breasts, is the sexy and louder moans she makes. In this one it’s more about trying to show off her tan which really does nothing for me, more of a gimmick. In the first scene they show a guy groping her and helping her to masturbate but Hana only makes softer moans with some heavy erotic breathing.

While there are some great angles to see her natural curves, it’s not a very interesting first scene. Hana is a great squirter too and we got no squirting at all when I feel there should have been a few times she could’ve done it, even if it was fake.

The next scene is POV, with some third person shots, of Hana giving you a a nuru massage along with the happy ending. While Hana does take the lead for the most part, even when the sex is happening it sounds more like pain than joy when they’re doing it. Sort of a turn off. The echo you get from doing it in a small bathroom does help though to make a louder moaning noise.

We get more POV/short third person shots with the next scene that focuses mostly on her breasts and paizuri. It’s mostly the sound of the oil she has between her breasts as she’s giving a tit job with some slight moans from her. Boring scene as she could have added some dirty talking to make it more interesting.

With Hana’s last scene with a mix of POV and third person. I say stick with one or the other. The thing about POV is it gives the viewer the illusion they’re with Hana. When it switches as often as it did in this scene that magic is lost. We do get to hear Hana’s sexy moans and quite loudly too which helps to redeem the AV at the end.

Although the tan look is nice every now and then it doesn’t work for Hana. Well, it might, but not with the indoor scenes that she did. Maybe if she had filmed outdoors in the forest, in a bikini at the swimming pool, the beach, or even as a gyaru it would have made more sense. It’s more like a gimmick that just didn’t translate well. Like they ran out of ideas to make a storyline for this JAV and thought if they just made her tan it would make fans buy it.

Overall it was a boring AV with a tan gimmick to get fans to buy it, since this is Hana’s first time going tan. If you’re a Hana fan you might be disappointed like I was until the last scene when you get to see the Hana you know and love.

Score 3/10

Get this tan AV of Hana’s at R18.

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