Viral twitter Video from Ibaraki Japan shows suspected underwear thief

We all know that many Japanese have a fetish for women’s panties but a young guy who was filmed in Ibaraki City went a little too far, trying to steal women’s underwear right from a washing line on a balcony at a local apartment building.

The guy was filmed by a neighbour climbing up on the balcony with his left arm reached out, seemingly trying to snatch himself some sweet panties right off the line. The guy filming the scene shouts “Hey”, asking him what he is doing the hell there.

The young-looking guy starts to flee the scene after he realises he’s been caught.

Underwear Thief Japan
The alleged panty thief bolting from the scene of the crime
Underwear Thief Japan
The person filming the incident takes pursuit of the underwear thief

While fleeing over the fence, the man filming starts to pursue him, telling him that he knows what he was upto.

“Since my wife’s underwear was stolen before, I thought this guy might have been responsible,” the man was quoted as saying by the local TV network.

At the time of writing this article, the viral video had over 100,000 retweets and likes on Twitter.

The man filming states that he is planning to submit the video and all his information to Osaka Prefectural Police in order to catch the panty thief.

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