Erika Yamakawa returns to gravure after 20 years of absence

Erika Yamakawa used to be a very popular Gravure Idol about 20 years ago and while most of them are in their 20s, Yamakawa san is making a splashing return into the Idol world after a 20 year long break.

Now at the age of 42, as a mother of two kids, Yamakawa had her original debut back in 1998. She then carved out a minor career on TV shows and drama through the early 2000s in Japan until she married a comedian who was her senior in 2007, after which she retired, followed by the birth of her first child in 2010.

Erika Yamakawa released three photo books between 1997 and 2000, after which seemed to leave gravure behind.

What are your thoughts and are you excited about her return to the world of Gravure Idol’s?

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