Chrono Trigger Remake highly possible

Chrono Trigger Remake, besides Final Fantasy VII which has been granted a fantastic remake, is one of the games that fans mostly wish for to become a reality and a recent interview with Square Enix’s RPG’s director Yoshinori Kitase is giving us some serious hope about it.

During a recent podcast, Yoshinori Kitase talked about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but when the conversation shifted to other remakes, the director talked about doing one for Chrono Trigger to the surprise of the Host.

Kitase asked about opinions on what approach Square Enix should take for a Chrono Trigger remake, ranging from a direct port of the original to a graphical remaster or possibly something on a larger scale like Final Fantasy VII Remake, which Kitase mentioned would be possible to do at Square Enix.

Although Square Enix has not decided on whether it will develop a Chrono Trigger remake anytime soon, it appears that the idea has been on the minds of a few staff members other than Yoshinori Kitase.

With the recent passing of mastermind Akira Toriyama who has been behind the iconic character designs for Chrono Trigger, fans around the world are wishing for his work to live on for many more decades and a remake of one of the best Super Nintendo, probably one of the best video games of all time in general would definitely be something worthy of his legacy.

Would you like to see a Chrono Trigger Remake?