British-Japanese Actress Sonoya Mizuno with Nude Scene in her latest Movie Ambition

The British-Japanese Actress Sonoya Mizuno has caught our attention with a Naughty Little Nude Scene in her latest movie ‘Ambition’ which released this month, and has been featured in selected theaters in the United States.

Born 1988 in Tokyo, Sonoya has been featured in various Films and TV Advertisements. So far, one of her biggest Roles was in the Netflix drama ‘Maniac’ in which she played Dr. Azumi Fujita, a scientist who runs the NPB experiment alongside other big names of the movie business including Jonah Hill and Emma Stone to name a few.

Check out below a few screenshots of her nude scene in Maniac, and if you like to see and know more of Sonoya, then you can also follow her Instagram account right here. We definitely hope to see more of her in the future.

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