How does the Asshole of a Japanese Schoolgirl smell?

In this article: We discuss the Asshole Smell of Japanese Schoolgirl, and Tama Toys’ range of amazing fetish scents.

You might be wondering about the title of this post, but it is a pretty legitimate question if you ask me. The sense of smell surely is something that is directly connected to my, and everyone’s, sexuality. If a girl smells nice, she gets my attention, if she does not, I’d rather stay away from her, even if she’s pretty hot.

There are all kinds of Fetish, some like armpit smell, foot smell and lots of other weird Shit. If you can imagine it, then it exists. Tama Toys has catered to all Needs for Kinky Scents in the past. There’s almost nothing they haven’t covered, from ‘stocking smell’ to ‘How a Girls Room is supposed to smell’.

otonaJP offers a freaking Big Selection of them. 

I personally have tried a few, and must say that with the right mood and applied on a doll or fabric, they really enhance the experience, and some even made me hornier than I already was (a pretty Hard Task to be Honest).

Their latest one now brings us the Asshole Smell of Japanese Schoolgirl. While this is probably not as common as the Love for Pussy Smell, it has a lot of Fans, and Japanese School Girls are one of the most used Fantasies when it comes to Japanese Porn and Erotic Goods.

So if you are into this or perhaps just curious, then you can now try it out for just a few bucks, and let’s be very honest here, who doesn’t have a thing for Sexy School Girls?

You can check it out right here at otonaJP who also ships Kinky Stuff Worldwide.

What is your personal favorite when it comes to Scents? Tell us what makes you Horny!

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