Boobs, advertisement, and cooking

How do YouTuber’s make money? Through ads that play during their video. Depending on how many subscribers/views you have it could just be pennies to thousands of dollars every month. What’s a better way to guarantee you make money through ads on Youtube? By wearing a snug t-shirt with ads on it by a woman with big boobs! That’s exactly what cooking channel “Kuma Cooking” does.

Kuma makes cooking videos on her YouTube channel. What separates her from other cooking channels though and makes it popular (currently 211,000+ subscribers) is the focus on her boobs. She doesn’t reveal her face and the camera focuses on her tight tops that show off her big boobs. As stated earlier, she works with other companies by advertising their products/company by displaying it across her chest.

It’s not like she only works with random small companies either. Earlier this year she promoted the popular manga “The Story of an Onee-San Who Wants to Keep a High School Boy” ( 男子高校生を養いたいお姉さんの話 ) which is published by one of the biggest manga publishers in Japan, Kodansha, which makes Shonen Mangazine. She must have gotten “big money” from that advertisement deal.

This is just another example of “sex sells.” Sure, some people can’t admit it but it works and if people can make money from it then do it. Not like she’s even having sex either or shows off that much cleavage. The emphasis is to show how big and round her boobs are. Plus, if she didn’t wear high neck clothing some of the ads wouldn’t print properly on her tops.

Some fan service with bouncing boobs

She’s worked with food companies too as she cooked up some delicious looking sausage in one of her videos and advertised them on her shirt.

Although the videos aren’t in English and there are no subtitles either. You can’t even use a simple auto translate on the video as she doesn’t speak but has Japanese subtitles playing on her videos. Seems like a missed opportunity to get subscribers outside of Japan. Her cooking is pretty simple though so even a beginner should be able to figure out how she cooks her food. Though I assume many are there for the boobs which is an acceptable reason to subscribe to her.

We’ll see what the future holds, maybe she will incorporate English subtitles. It’s hard to say. As a person who loves boobs though I don’t mind if there’s subtitles are not. After all, I’m watching her videos to “look at her dish.”