Learning calligraphy with big boobs

Calligraphy, when done properly, can be considered art to some people. It’s one of the worlds oldest forms of writing and dates back to as early as the Shang Dynasty in China, between 1600 BCE to 1046 BCE. The earliest text in Japan was the Kojiki, which dates back to the early 8th century. I bet those calligraphers back then would never have imagined the beauty of calligraphy would become one with the beauty of boobs. I’m talking about big boob calligrapher and YouTuber Hime.

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She started YouTube last year, May 2020, and currently has 16,000 subscribers. While not much compared to other big boob artists, I believe she has potential to grow in subscribers, not just a potential to grow in boob size. She’s peppy, well spoken, explains calligraphy in a easy way so even a beginner understands, and has good camera work to make for great videos.

She knows people love her big boobs and even wore a “Sugoi Dekai” shirt from the popular big boob manga Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

Learn more about Hime with her in depth introduction video.

She even has a beginners guide to calligraphy. Hime explains how to write calligraphy, the techniques, and how to make it look perfect in a easy to understand video.

If you can tear your eyes away from her big boobs for a moment and want to know what she’s saying as you don’t know Japanese, you can click on the captions button as some of her videos have English subtitles.

She doesn’t just do calligraphy lessons though, as Hime also does “eat with me” videos which are very popular on YouTube. People love watching other people eat and with the sight of boobs in the camera lens it’s a wonderful combination.

On her Twitter, Hime mostly posts closer and lewder pictures of her big boobs which I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all.

You can also follow her on Instagram. She hasn’t updated it in a while though and it has a sad lack of big boobs on it. Mostly it’s her doing close up calligraphy videos and pictures of her calligraphy. Though her most interesting post is her most recent, a picture of what looks like a panda but it says “inu” on top which translates to “dog.”

Hopefully we’ll see more calligraphy videos and big boobs from Hime soon.

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