Anime, Piano, and Boobs

There are anime fans around the world, that much is true. Many anime fans tend to remember a anime not just for the interesting stories, characters, animation, but the music as well; especially the openings and endings. In fact, when I am in a shop that plays Japanese music I sometimes hear background music playing over the speakers and immediately recognize it as a song from an anime. There are lots of YouTube videos of fans playing their favorite anime song on a musical instrument, like a piano. There are lots of fans of boobs, I mean, c’mon, boobs. Combine the three and you have YouTuber Pan Piano.

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Here she is playing Justice Enforcement, an OST from ONE PUNCH MAN while doing cosplay as the #2 hero, Tatsumaki, aka the Tornado of Terror; albeit a “bustier Tatsumaki.”

With over 2,100,000 followers at the time of writing, it certainly is a popular combination.

Her most popular video, with currently over 13,000,000 views, is her playing the opening to wildly popular anime Demon Slayer by LiSA, Gurenge. In the video she’s also cosplaying the character, “adult” Nezuko.

She doesn’t just do anime songs either, as she does popular games like Minecraft.

She’s a frequent uploader so it’s always interesting to see what song she will play on her piano next and her cosplay.

Playing Dragon Ball Z opening CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA while doing cosplay as the one of the most well known martial artist in manga history, Goku.

On her website, she does blog posts about the videos she makes.

She also has videos on how how to play piano, with a few free lessons and paid lessons. The videos are currently only in Mandarin Chinese.

Mixing playing anime music and cosplay is more of a newer concept for her though as she originally started YouTube just playing anime music, like Boku no Hero Academia Sora ni Utaeba.

One particular thing about Piano Pan is, although she doesn’t mind showing off her boobs, she never shows her complete face. The most we’ll see is maybe the bridge of her nose.

JUST COMMUNICATION TWO-MIX from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing while doing cosplay as Heero, the main character.

Will we ever get to see just who Piano Pan is? Only time will tell. Though there is one time where she showed “face,” as “the criminal” from Detective CONAN.

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