Nice Boobs Day

From Sasakisaki9649

Who doesn’t love boobs? Japan certainly does!! On November 8th Japanese Twitter and Twitter from around the world celebrates “Nice Boobs Day” or in Japanese “Nice Oppai Day.” The reason being 11/8 looks like いい (ii), which means nice, and the number 8 looks like sideways boobs (oppai in Japanese). The play on words done in Japan is always quite amusing.

From JAV star Mion Hazuki

Many, many people celebrate this special day to appreciate boobs, from Japanese AV stars, doujin artists, amateurs, amateur artists, and those who have a healthy interest in Japanese culture and boobs.

From JAV star Yua Mikami

They say ever man has been able to stand his perspective in life changed from viewing the ass to viewing the tits, which is where his eyes will inevitably lead when he sees boobs in front of him.

From MelamoriNyan

Boobs come in all sizes and when it comes to the imagination of the drawer it can come in various sizes from regular to bazonkers huge!!

It’s interesting to note that the western world often viewed Asians as having little to no boobs at all (this is still common enough to this day). So when they find Asians with big boobs they are left astonished.

Probably some of the most famous big boobs from Japan, starting from the left Anri Okita, Hitomi Tanaka, Kaho Shibuya, and JULIA.

With over 70,000 JAV at R18 focused on big boobs (and counting), you know Japan won’t stop coming out with more big boob focused AV.

Do you prefer your boobs regular size or ginormous? Personally I prefer them on the bigger side though not ginormous. At least when it comes to real life. When it comes to doujin boobs sometimes bigger is better.

Although it doesn’t matter the size as it’s all about the appreciation of boobs!! Until the next “Nice Boobs Day!”

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