Your last chance to have Sex with Shibuya Kaho

Yes I know, the title is quite promising but I mean it. Former JAV star and now cosplayer Shibuya Kaho had a few Adult Goodies and Onaholes released, all bases on her and her glorious private parts. The last one remaining (that is still being produced as far as we know) however is the Kaho Shibuya´s Serious Secret Zone Onahole. Long running Adult retailer otonaJP posted today on their twitter that they got it back in stock again.

However with Kaho having retired from her porn career quite a while ago already, we can only guess how long her Artificial Vagina will still be on the market. So if you wanna be sure to grab some of these perhaps rare Onaholes then we recommend to check out otonajp right here as they are the only ones having it at the time of this writing.

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