Saitama assembly member Koji Tsuji resigns after Scandal over “Sexy Pool Shutdown”

Saitama assembly member Koji Tsuji, responsible for shutting down sexy pool shoots in his area after some long time nagging of Japanese Communist Parties feminists has resigned after some scandal of him posting sexual images of female acquaintances online.

Tsuji was under investigation by the Kanagawa Prefectural Police on suspicion of uploading sexual images of a woman on an Internet bulletin board in December 2023. Even though Tsuji hasn’t found guilty in court yet with a trial awaiting him in the near future, he states that he feels that he lost the peoples trust and that he is no longer able to serve the people of Saitama in a way they deserve.

Tsuji was active in his role at as a Saitama assembly member to set rules and regulations for NG poses and NG swimsuits in his area, trying his best to please Japanese Communist Parties feminists in their goal to shut down pools for sexy photo shoot events all together.

How do you feel about this? If no one being disturbed, shouldn’t everyone be able to do as they please in a free society, even with a few feminists having a hard time with it? Let us know your comments!