“The Usual Pool” is now closed to the JAV industry

What is likely the most famous pool in the porn industry is now closed to the porn industry. When you think of pools and JAV you immediately think of “The Usual Pool” aka “That Pool.” It’s become so synonymous with pool sex scenes in JAV that it’s hard to think there won’t be any more shoots done there.

It’s so famous it even has its own book which you can get at Amazon JP.

With it’s bright natural lights from the side windows that can be opened

to the side area where the sex scenes where filmed, this pool has seen many, many AV stars throughout the years, starting in the early 2000’s. In fact, it’s not hard to say a great number of those stars who have many years in the JAV industry have been there, sort of a milestone if you think about it. If you’ve been to the pool then you made it in the JAV industry.

If you look under the “swimsuits” category at R18 you’ll find many many instances, like the one above, of JAV filmed at the pool here. You’ll have to go through other non-pool JAV with swimsuits but you’ll know which ones were filmed at the pool once you see the cover.

The supposed reason for closing the pool to the JAV industry was the cost of cleaning all the fluids and draining then refilling the pool was more than the rental income it provided.

With scenes like this happening inside and around the pool you can see why it needs to be thoroughly cleaned for the sake of hygiene. You don’t want to slip on someone else’s fluid and fall in the pool or worst if it was not properly maintained. There’s also possible fluids floating around in the pool which is just as bad as a floating “log” in the pool.

By the way, the pool is only closed off from the JAV industry. Other industries, including the gravure industry, can still rent the pool. In fact, it’s a whole 2 story apartment transformed into a studio in Shinjuku. You can rent it from pstudio here.

Who’s to say there will be another pool so famous in the JAV industry? It’s not like it’s the only pool that’s ever been filmed but it is definitely one of the nicer ones. Maybe the reason for the closure might be because of COVID-19 and the owner doesn’t want to be held liable for making the pool into a cluster zone due to the spread of bodily fluids? We’ll have to see if “The Usual Pool” will be open again to the JAV industry in the future, we can only hope.

If you want to remember “The Usual Pool” and show it off proudly you can get a t-shirt with a picture of it made by TamaToys at Amazon JP.

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