Is M-Cup Momo Momose a future JAV star?

Over this past weekend ” #Mカップ ” was trending on Japanese Twitter as the whole country of Japan learned about Momo Momose and her big natural M-cup breasts from her television appearance on the popular Japanese variety show ” Out × Deluxe.”

That’s 10.8 pounds for the right breast and 10.6 pounds for the left breast.

Who is Momo Momose? As of now she’s a gravure and cosplay idol.

She recently had a fan event at Sofmap for her gravure DVD

She is also a budding Youtube star. Her channel is called “Puni Puni Channel” which translates to “Squishy Squishy Channel.” “Puni Puni” is the SFX for when breasts get squished or jiggle.

The question is, will Momo go from gravure to JAV? There are many instances where busty gravure stars went on to be famous JAV stars, Hitomi Tanaka and Fuko, aka P-Chan, being a couple more globally known examples. There would certainly be a demand to see her breasts out and about in the open. Depending on her DVD sales and other income from gravure we could see her remaining in swimsuits that decent job of covering her up to more scantily clad bikinis to even a hand bra to increase sales. If the offer is good enough and if she needs the money you know the JAV industry would scout her immediately, especially once it gets to the point of a hand bra and panties.

Of course it’s not to say she couldn’t stay a famous big breasted idol, like Jun Amaki. The main physical difference you can see between them is Momo is definitely more on the voluptuous side compared to the skinnier Jun but Momo’s breast are also much bigger. In Japan skinnier tends to be the more preferred choice of body, as in most cultures, but as Momo’s breasts are so huge they basically eclipse her voluptuous body as your eyes get drawn to her M-Cup breasts instead of her overall body so you don’t really notice her other curves. You can see it in her face but she has a mix of cute and chubby cheeks sort of face that will keep her popular. There are lots of “debu (fat) lovers” out there, even in Japan.

She even has her own 3-D keychain of herself which you can get on her agency’s web shop here.

As she has such big M-Cup breasts I feel the JAV industry would make her very popular, especially with overseas fans who love breasts along with more weight on a woman. She could keep herself the voluptuous self she is now and as long as she is enthusiastic and enjoys working in the JAV industry I can see her as a top ranker who could pull in even a six figure (seven figures in Japanese yen) sum with all the filming she could do, including nude gravure. She seems to have a good personality from what I’ve seen and those chubby cheeks give her a small but cute smile. I look forward to such a day where I’ll see her on a cover of a JAV with the word “AV Debut” written across it.

Who’s to say what the future holds for Momo? Maybe she’ll get skinnier too and maybe even keep her large breasts (though likely they will grow smaller with weight loss). She could end up suddenly retiring and get another job out of the eyes of the public or even get married. Whatever she chooses in life I wish the very best for this budding big breasted star.

Hopefully I can meet her one day and see these amazing M-Cup breasts myself

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