To quote Captain Kirk from Star Trek: “To boldly go where no man has gone before!” This is what the famous Japanese adult toy maker TENGA is trying to do by making a TENGA for use in outer space. They want to send a TENGA rocket and a prototype SPACE TENGA into space for testing. With NASA recently landing the Perseverance Rover on Mars we’re not too far from adult toy use in space.

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Code named TENGA ROCKET PROJECT, TENGA gave a elaborate talk about how they want to make a SPACE TENGA for use, specifically for in a space station. Here’s their announcement and presentation on the subject with the team currently working on the project (in Japanese). Btw, the TENGA robot you see in the presentation does move and talk, very cool.

The project is a collaboration between TENGA and civilian spaceflight company Interstellar Technologies who will help plan to launch a TENGA rocket into outer space, hopefully later this summer in Hokkaido.

The rocket will house the prototype SPACE TENGA which will be fitted with data measuring devices to see how outer space will affect it.

There will also be 1,000 messages filled with hopes and dreams which will go into space in TENGA shaped pods for a round trip from Earth, to space, and back.

To help fund the project, TENGA is doing a crowdsource funding through Japanese crowdfunding company CAMPFIRE which is currently at 15% of their goal of reaching 5,000,000 yen (about 50,000 USD). They’re offering a variety of rewards for those who help fund this ambitious project, from their new TENGA shaped rocket to getting a replica of the TENGA rocket.

Some of the rewards are also purchasable from the TENGA store pop-up in at the HANKYU MEN’S TOKYO store that had opened on 1/27 until 3/2.

TENGA made a cute stop motion video of their TENGA robot getting ready to go into outer space along with the TENGA EGG dog to promote both toys they’re sending up in the rocket too.

While the Space TENGA isn’t available for commercial use yet, if you need a TENGA to use here on Earth you can order the Earth TENGA at otonaJP.

Although it’s not a cute dog, there’s also the TENGA EGG.

Lastly, don’t forget to add your own TENGA robot to your collection.