Japanese Guy puts Hidden Camera in his Sisters Room and streams it on niconico

If you have an older sister, you have perhaps found yourself wondering what happens in her room when you hear lots of girls voices laughing and jiggling when her friends are over.

Are they telling jokes, are they tickling each other or are they perhaps touching each other…….wait…..that would be awesome, right? Especially if your sister’s friends are hot, and you are horny all the time.

Well, in fact this is what a young Japanese guy – with undisclosed age and location – did to his sister. He installed a camera secretly in her room while her friends were over and streamed all the fun via the Japanese streaming platform, niconico.

While we see nothing too exposed or scandalous, we see real girls conversing and some sweet action that follows.

Talking about their breasts, they start touching each other, comparing their boob sizes They then proceed to discuss their more intimate parts and share recommendations of their underwear which we catch a few glimpses of.

We’re left wondering if all girls parties go down this way all over the world, and especially in Japan. But perhaps from a certain age, while not being as unintentionally erotic as this one, they share the same topics.

Check out the full video below of some secretly filed “my Japanese Sister is a Hot School Girl and her friends are over” footage.

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