Retired JAV Actresses Distancing Themselves from the Adult Industry or are they?

There comes a time in a adult actresses life when she decides to retire from the industry. In Japan that could be anywhere from one title to after hundreds of titles. When that happens there are usually a couple scenarios. One, they wipe their slate clean and anything involving the adult industry on their personal social media is erased (the more extreme case is their social media account is deleted permanently). Second, their adult videos are removed online and only physical copies remain (assuming the studio/distributor doesn’t ask for them to be returned to them). Do they really leave who they are and become completely different people or stay the same but work in a different industry? Today we’ll look at the two of the more well known Japanese adult actresses outside of Japan who left the adult video industry, Anri Okita and Kaho Shibuya.

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First, a little history about Anri and Kaho. These two actresses likely had their first meeting, or at least a most intimate meeting, when filming a JAV they did together.

Although they never filmed another JAV together again during their career they did stay close, from going out to eat (this is at the famous and popular AOYAMA FLOWER MARKET TEA HOUSE in Shibuya),

going to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas with to model,

attending Anri’s live singing performances,

and even going to Anri’s home to hang out with her, Hitomi, and Anri’s child.

It has been some time since both Anri and Kaho have retired from JAV.

Anri’s last AV release was on May 8th 2016.

While Kaho’s last AV release was on August 25th 2018.

As it has been almost 5 years since her retirement, Anri or her agency had likely asked for her JAV to be removed from online distributors, including DMM & R18. 5 years is the general acceptance to keep them online before removal as it is likely most fans would have bought their JAV to enjoy by then. Most, if not all soon, have been removed from online distribution.

Kaho is still a couple years away from doing a digital removal of her JAV, assuming she requests it which will be discussed later in this article.

Why would Anri remove her JAV from digital (and possibly physical with DVD) distribution? It’s likely to restart her life to be who she wants to be and wants to put the past behind her. While she had a singing career after JAV, it is likely currently on hold with COVID-19 happening for safety reason.

She also started a YouTube channel called Atelier Anri 沖田杏梨CH to express her artistic side and as of late her physical prowess at the gym.

She even has a alternate account under the name Hana Kagura.

What’s to become of this account we’ll need more time to see.

What’s likely making Anri the most money though is her OnlyFans (going forward it’ll be marked as “OF”).

Here’s the part which gets a little dicey. While OF possibly started as a way for famous people to connect with fans for a fee every month has exploded as a platform for everyone from amateurs to popular adult actresses going on and performing sexual acts or posting racy images/videos from the comfort of their home, Anri being the latter. Anri posts racy images and videos that are semi-nude and if you private message her she will send topless images and videos.

How is this different from doing JAV?

With JAV Anri was paid a set amount per video. She didn’t make any residual from sales of her JAV as the money from sales likely went to her agency, studio that made the AV, and distributors. With OF she gets 80% of what’s paid every month from subscribers for monthly subscriptions, new subscribers, and money from sending out private messages. This is a whole lot of money that can be paid, literally tens of thousands of dollars every month.

When Anri does professional shoots for her OF she pays others to work with her and not the studios paying her. She can work from home on her own time and not the studios. She doesn’t need to perform sexual acts anymore for hours upon hours with studios and can just do sexual pictures and videos that might take no longer than a few hours.

Basically she earns more money, works less, and can spend more time with family. Sure, while you wish you could see her completely nude and OF can let her do that she does still live in Japan where government rules won’t allow her to do that. So while not JAV, you still get to see the sexy part of Anri, support her, and enjoy her much bigger breasts since she retired and had a child.

Kaho is on the other part of erasing her past JAV career, removing social media posts associated with JAV. So you won’t see any she posted on her Twitter or Instagram anymore. She even deleted her blog which she frequently posted on filled with sexy and semi-nude pictures of her while filming JAV.

While her past in JAV has been deleted, she still does racy photos and videos. After retirement she revealed her more anime and gaming otaku side of herself. She often plays retro gaming on her Twitch account. This is where she likely makes money from as there are many subscribers who pay monthly to talk to her, of which she makes 50% of each subscription.

She also has a YouTube account, おもちゃん -Omochan-. On there she did random things from running down hills with her big breasts jiggling to doing exercises with MMA fighters.

While not JAV, Kaho still does produce sexy content in the form of revealing cosplay. She knows one her main attractions is her large breasts so she does professional cosplay shoots that has gained her many fans. Not only that but with her native level English speaking she has been invited to many anime conventions across the world as a guest. Of course she wears some very revealing cosplay while she’s there as well.

In the future Kaho might do something like OnlyFans or maybe a Patreon with sexy photos? We’ll have to see.

So while they have retired from JAV they have successfully built a fan base large enough to continue on with different careers. Though the career choices still involve their sexual attraction that they had gained from their JAV career, from Anri’s OF to Kaho’s cosplay. Will there be more like them in the future? Some retired actresses just seem to disappear off the face of the Earth. We’ll have to see.

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