Leave Iruru alone, leave her alone

Twitter is a network which can be full of praise or bring out the worst of people. In the case of Iruru (Ilulu) from the manga Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid by coolkyoushinja it was the latter, bringing out the worst of people on Twitter. There’s a obsession with people hating on something they don’t understand and when it’s someone more popular their followers do the same without full understanding as they’re just feeding on the hate the one person brings. Twitter needs to leave Iruru alone and just enjoy her appearance in the upcoming second season of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

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Most of the hate comes from the design of Iruru, who most consider a “big breasted young girl.”

While she is short and has big breasts she is definitely not someone young. As stated in the manga, Iruru is the same age as Tohru, and it’s estimated Tohru is 7,000 years old or maybe even older than the Earth itself (which is probably older than even all the haters combined). The big breasts are actually Iruru’s fire sac where all the magical flames she uses are stored. As for her height, in the manga it’s stated she doesn’t have a strong grasp of making herself into a human form, unlike Tohru. As a result that’s how she ended up looking like.

The problem with people is they’re just hopping on the hate band wagon and hating on something they don’t understand. They make Japanese people seem like the worst kind of people who enjoy drawing and watching “young looking girls” like Iruru. It’s even likely they don’t even watch anime or read manga and just want to hate on something to gain notoriety (in the case of Twitter, retweets). Those that follow them likely won’t even watch the anime, read the manga, or even look up the wiki and just jump on the hate bandwagon because of mob mentality.

That’s just stupid. It’s just a drawing. People would counter “why would they draw something like that if they weren’t interested in it?” People draw pictures of fruit, nature, houses, and I don’t see people complaining the artists probably wants to have sex with those since they’re drawing it. Iruru is simply a drawing and a design the mangaka came up with.

Sure, you can probably find Iruru in sexy drawings, but remember the context. She’s a 7,000 year old dragon girl. It’s already in the realm of fantasy when she’s that old and a dragon. Iruru is not real and should not be getting the hate she’s getting on Twitter from people who can’t even understand that basic concept.

There’s probably still the racist perception that Asian women don’t have big boobs like you would find in western countries. If you’re a fan of Japanese Adult Videos you’ll definitely find women who are just short like Iruru and have big boobs, like Kaho Shibuya (who’s 4’11” / 150 cm). If you’re looking for someone with the same boob size as Iruru then you can check out Iori Yuki (5’5″ / 168 cm”).

You’ll find anime fans, even supposed fans of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, saying they won’t watch the upcoming second season because of Iruru. If you watched the first season then you already know how good the anime is and you should watch it. Iruru adds another interesting character element and you shouldn’t be bothered what other people say. If you like it then keep watching it. If you don’t want to watch it because of Iruru then don’t watch it, don’t make others feel bad for watching it by keeping it to yourself, and watch some other anime.

Anime is meant to be watched and enjoyed by all those who watch it. I encourage you to watch the upcoming season and enjoy watching it. Don’t let the haters ruin it for you as they likely haven’t even watched the first season or read the manga. I know it’s be another great season and one you’ll enjoy.