Magicami DX- the magical girl 18+ game FREE to PLAY

The newest game to come to Nutaku is Magicami DX, the FREE to PLAY 18+ game that’s been translated and subtitled for the western community. You, the player, are in control of 12 magical girls who battle the evil demons in the heart of Shibuya, Japan.

The game is voiced by various Japanese voice actresses and actor. There are currently no details about English dubbing. Although the characters speak in Japanese the game is fully translated/subtitled in English so you won’t have a problem playing the game, language wise.

This is a 3D battle turn based battle game. A dynamic camera gives you close up and various views of the battle (you can choose to turn off dynamic camera to a static camera). You can choose to set it to auto battle as well if your characters are strong enough to battle it out in higher level missions without you guiding them or if you want to repeat a certain mission.

There’s even a PVP (Player vs Player) mode to play for dominance to see who has the better magical girls. You’ll also earn points to trade in for items.

What’s interesting about this game is the equipment, which focuses on different dresses/outfits for your magical girls to wear. From casual clothes, swimsuits, and of course the frilly magical girl dresses. Each dress has different weapons as well, from paint brushes, missiles, to even giant round lollipops.

With each dress there are different attack / support moves. So be sure to balance out your team by checking out the moves each dress comes with, including single attacks, AOE attacks, buffs, debuffs, and support magic.

You can power up the outfits with various items found throughout the game as well as getting repeat dresses in the gacha/events. The rarer the items you find the more enhancements you can make to your dresses.

The outfit viewer in the game lets you see the outfit from “all angles,” including down below.

There are lots of regular missions currently in the game to keep you entertained as well as daily missions and special event missions to earn in game items. You can repeat missions, aka farming, to get specific items / level up your bonds with the girls. Although there is no instant option to replay missions you’re already done with there is a auto battle mode as well as up to 3x speed options to make the farming faster.

MGCM is free to play on computers / Android phones and they make money through the purchase of in game currency, jewels. You can also earn jewels for free by playing the game and completing various quests or by watching in game cutscenes.

You can use the jewels to play the gacha and hope to get the Ultra Rare outfits to give you a strong team of magical girls. There are various gacha campaigns, including the popular swimsuit event that’s happening at the time this article is published, to get different outfits to match your needs/taste. The outfits you can get vary from Rare to Ultra Rare.

Now, let’s talk about the good part, the 18+ part. When you get the Ultra Rare dresses or level up your bond with your magical girl high enough you get 18+ cutscenes with the main character (you) and your magical girls. As there are many many outfits you will have multiple and original cutscenes with each of the 12 girls. The cutscenes follow a short story and are animated as well as voiced (currently Japanese only but there are subtitles). There are also special cutscenes with the demons as well. Although the game has been imported from Japan to the western gaming community it is still censored.

Interesting note, MGCM’s Japan side did a promotion with former JAV porn star Anri Okita to cosplay as one of their demons from in the game. Very lifelike.

I hope you enjoy playing MGCM!!

This is a non-sponsored post but I do receive affiliate money when you sign up to play MGCM through my link.

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