Devilish Girl Infinite Shots – CSCT-011 – Review

With the Demon Slayer manga completed and the movie recently released, it has become THE MOST POPULAR manga, taking the top 22 slots of most manga sold from 10/19-10/25 according to the Oricon charts. When something in the manga industry becomes popular and is filled with lots of cute and sexy women then you know the JAV industry is going to parody it. TMA is one of the most popular JAV studios to do cosplay JAV and made such a parody JAV with “Devilish Girl Infinite Shots.” The JAV features Nezuko Kamado played by Mitsuki Nagisa, Shinobu Kocho played by Miku Abeno, Kanae Kocho played by Hikaru Konno, and Mitsuri Kanroji played by Nene Tanaka.

We start the off with a member of the clean up brigade (henceforth known as “Goto”), who takes care of cleaning up the scene after a demon battle / support, bringing a individual message for Shinobu and Mitsuri who were watching over a comatose Nezuko. Turns out the messages have a suggestive sleeping powder inside of it that makes the two fall asleep instantly when opened.

Shinobu “wakes up” to find her deceased older sister, Kanae, in front of her. When in fact Shinobu is still sleeping and Goto has her in his arms and starts kissing her. This relays into Shinobu’s dream world and soon enough the love between the two sisters, Shinobu and Kanae, in a lesbian scene starts. The scene is more tender with mostly kisses between the two and groping/kisses of the breasts as well as some light petting. Goto is playing these suggestions in real life and Shinobu responds while still asleep.

Goto soon moves on to Mitsuri. We find in Mitsuri’s dream she gets together with Obanai Iguro and his “snake,” the one that wraps around him and the one attached to him.

These two never had a “confirmed relationship” but more implied in the story. The snake that wraps around him isn’t alive but it does perform ero licking of Mitsuri all over her body. As Mitsuri is one of the more busty characters in the manga, we see she also uses her bust to give a nice tit fuck.

These two keeping at each other in different sex positions until he comes inside of her.

It’s pretty vanilla with this scene, except for the fake snake doing ero. Pretty long though at roughly 45 minutes.

We see Goto going back to Shinobu afterward and we find in the dream world Shinobu and Kanae had continued where we left off as we immediately find the two scissoring each other.

After the two finish this rather quick scene we see Inosuke hiding in the bushes. Kanae invites him over and they soon have a hot threesome, with Inosuke keeping his boar mask on, starting with a hot double blowjob.

I don’t know how Inosuke gave oral to them with his mask on but this is a fantasy JAV so no need to question it.

After they finish giving oral to each other the two sisters continuously swap places with each other to be with Inosuke while groping and supporting the other.

The scene ends with Inosuke finishing off inside Shinobu.

The next part is where it goes a little weird/ sort of expected. As Goto has finished off both Shinobu and Mitsuri, the only one left in the room he hasn’t touched is the comatose Nezuko. That’s not going to stop him though. We soon find ourselves in the dream world, this time with Nezuko and her brother, Tanjiro. As Goto is performing ero actions on Nezuko we can see the siblings immediately going at each other, with Nezuko initiating it surprisingly and not Tanjiro.

It’s pretty much a vanilla scene again as we watch the two go at with each other.

We come to the end of the JAV and find Goto still going at it with the comatose Nezuko. The real Tanjiro senses something is wrong and goes to his sisters aide where he finds Goto going at it with his sister. Tanjiro takes out his blade and slashes at Goto and Goto screams in pain as he disappears into thin air. Turns out Goto was a demon pretending to be Goto.

While Tanjiro is putting the disheveled Nezuko’s clothes back on we see the Shinobu and Mitsuri wake up and putting their clothes back on. Nezuko suddenly wakes up and we see the four happy she woke up as if nothing had just happened.

While this JAV doesn’t have much beyond vanilla sex and cosplay, besides the whole comatose sex thing, it gives fans something to enjoy with these pairings we see in manga. Although some fans might not agree with what is shown, especially between two siblings, it is what it is. So if you don’t mind that love and like to see your favorite Demon Slayer characters together then this is the JAV for you.

Score 6/10

Get this JAV at R18.

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Nezuko played by Mitsuki Nagisa
Shinobu played by Miku Abeno
Kanae played by Hikaru Konno
Mitsuri played by Nene Tanaka