Hot Japanese women fight and fondle – in VR!

For us men, there’s something about hot women interacting with each other that makes it somewhat irresistible to watch, especially if it involves some kind of sexual tension, or even better, sexual action. 

Similarly, when women fight, it’s also hard for us to look away, probably mostly out of sheer curiosity, but also quite likely that the site of bare skin, breasts and other body parts flailing around the place in a revealing manner is visually appealing. 

Japanese AV studio Bibian has observed these phenomena and acted accordingly by releasing a special VR experience where you can experience two hot Japanese women fight each other up close, but also with a very strong sense of sexual tension between the two, which results in lots of groping, fondling and even spanking. Sound good? Damn, right it does!

The girl’s are also surprisingly quite vicious with some big kicks, slaps, the standard hair-pulling, and even a couple of choke holds for good measure.

The movie’s full name is:

VR – A Real Fight With A Female Boss – Lesbian Kat Fight VR – Ameri Hoshi, Maina Yuuri

And as the title suggests, it stars two popular Japanese AV idols; Mainia Yuri, and Ameri Hoshi. 

Here are some images from this sultry “lesbian’ action scene: 

A Real Fight With A Female Boss – Lesbian Kat Fight VR is available in HD-download and streaming options now at

All images are the property of Bibian

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