We need you! R18Japan is looking for Writers

R18 Japan is not run for profit (not yet at least), nor is it a professional publication. It’s a website for fans of games, anime, manga, cosplay and adult products from Japan – with contributions from other passionate fans.

We’re looking for bright new contributors to help us expand our coverage. If you share our passion and would like to express it, we offer the perfect platform to get the word out far and wide.  If you’re a budding young journalist looking to get your foot in the door, we’re not only offering the perfect place to hone your skills, but also the opportunity to grow with us and build up a portfolio that will appeal to editors of other publications in future. 

You can choose what to write with us, providing it evolves around otaku culture – anime, games, cosplay, sex toys, trends etc. You don’t need to have knowledge of all of these areas, and if you have a speciality, we’re pleased to have you on board.

We’re also open to opinion pieces and review, providing they’re not too extreme and likely to offend many people.

For those who contribute regularly to the site, we will endeavour to offer gift cards, free games, mangas, movies, or whatever other items we receive from sponsors. We do not pay for content with cash – but, should the site ever be fully monetised, that may change in future.

If you’d like to write for us, please contact us by either of the two methods below:

Please also state what your hobbies/interests are, and why you would like to write for us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Email: [email protected] or message us on Twitter

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