Smell like a yakuza

When you think “yakuza” you usually think about “gangs, drugs, tattoos, guns, and probably their pinky missing.” Now when you think of “yakuza” you can think of smelling like them!! To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the game “Yakuza,” or as it’s known in Japan ” Ryū ga Gotoku, ” there was a livestream by the company behind the game which announced cologne’s based on the games 2 protagonist, Kazuma Kiryuu and Ichiban Kasuga!

Kazuma’s cologne comes in a beautifully designed white box. The detailed dragon drawing is in gray and matches Kazuma’s gray suit.

Kazuma’s cologne will have the scent of fruity musk, in which the freshness of fruit can be seen and hidden behind the calm and deep musk, in the image of his calm yet humane, in fact curious side.

Ichiban’s comes in a much starker maroon colored that matches his red suit.

Kasuga’s cologne will have a fresh fruity scent that mixes a bursting bright berry with a strong core green, which is the image of his bright but stubborn personality.

Both colognes are limited edition of 2,500 each and will sell for 3,000 yen.

Don Quijote Japan has a special edition version of both colognes that comes in this beautifully designed box. It sells for 6,000 yen. That’s a pretty good deal considering the lovely box you get plus the “freebies” inside.

Not only does it comes in this special box but there’s also the addition of a specially designed atomizer with a special cover, perfect for short travels / easy carrying.

The cologne can be pre-ordered now and will be in stores on 12/28.

This is a great addition to any Yakuza fans collection. Why just play the game when you can smell like your favorite character! Don’t go beating up random people around you just because you smell like the most badass characters in Yakuza though.

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