Nice Knee High Day

There’s just something sexy about a girl wearing knee high socks, especially if its around a girls thicc thighs and leaves her some “muffin top.” On 11/28 Japan celebrates “Nice Knee High Day,” quite the wonderful day #いいニーハイの日. You’ll see why in this post!!

Image above from harukazenatsu

From hiyohiyoclub1

The month of November is represented by the number 11, which looks like the Japanese word for “nice” in Japanese is いい (ii). The number 2 ( ニ ) is pronounced “ni” (like knee) and 8 is pronounced “hachi.” If you take the “ha” from “hachi” and take the word “ni” then it makes “ni ha” which sounds like “knee high.”

From NeoN9444

There’s a fetish for everyone and you’d be surprised how popular knee high socks are. Could it be the looks? The material? The way it looks on a woman’s body? All the above?

From hpb_ayane

The most popular knee high character this year is probably Ryza (Reisalin Stout) from the popular series ” Atelier.” When Gust Co. designed her they intentionally gave her knee high socks and gave her a beautiful “muffin top” and some thicc thighs too.

This promo photo is promoting those knee high socks and thighs

Knee high socks are loved by all and you can find them in all kinds of mediums, real life, drawings, and even video games.

Whatever your fetish you have to admit you love what you saw and if you check out the hashtag #いいニーハイの日 on Twitter then you’ll see much more. Enjoy those knee highs!!

From Marie_ps64

Looking for your own knee high socks for yourself or someone else? You’ll find them at otonaJP.

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