Nice Twintail Day

Above image from Marie_ps64

Just like how there’s a day to celebrate the upper body, aka boobs, and a day to celebrate the lower body, aka MILFs, there’s also a day to celebrate the top of the body, aka the head, specifically hair. On 11/22 it’s “Nice Twintail Day” in Japan. The word for “nice” in Japanese is いい (ii) which looks like the number 11. 22, when separated, looks like 2 and 2 which is like two overlapping pigtails or because a twin-tail consists of two bunches of hair.

It’s an extension of “Twintail Day” which was first celebrated on 02/22/2012. It was a day created by the twintail enthusiasts of Japan known as the “Japan TwinTail Association” and was officially recognized by the “Japan Anniversary Association” on 01/24/2012.

You could say the spread of association between twintails and Japan across the world came from one of the most recognized animes, Sailor Moon. With her very long twintails, Usagi, aka Serena, who transforms into Sailor Moon to fight evil helped to spread this love of twintails.

From the official Sailor Moon Twitter, sailormoon_25th

If you want to go a bit more modern then you could say Hatsune Miku helped to also spread the love of twintails from Japan.

From the official Miku Twitter account, cfm_miku

There’s a certain appreciation about twintails. They look cute, beautiful, elegant, and you could even say youthful.

It’s certainly not something you see your grandma doing but more along the lines of a young girl or a young woman.

Of course there’s going to be drawings of your favorite anime girl or even original creations in twintails to fuel your twintail fantasy.

Depending on what you’re a fan of, twin tails could take the literal meaning of the words, like the monster Twin Tail from Ultraman. There are other giant monsters in Japan associated with it too.

Twin Tail is the centipede like monster on the far left. From skull_bear.
From Gebao01

So whether it be your love of twintails from 2D, 3D, or even MonsterD, we can all appreciate twintails!! It’s a great thing to celebrate!!