Mini karate-chop tile capsule toys now available across Japan

There are a few forms of stress-relief methods depending on what kind of person you are. For example, some people simply observe fish in a fish tank, others prefer to just take a few deep breaths – and then there’s those of us that like to smash thing into little pieces.

Fortunately for those in Japan who prefer the latter approach, there’s a new capsule toy available that will allow you to do just that. 

Capsule-toy maker Tama Kyu has released a useful toy that lets you take out your frustrations through the ancient art of karate-chops. 

The Maji de Wareru Kawara (“Truly choppable tiles”) are tiny roof tiles that you can stack on top of each other, and then smash back down again with a swift, devastating blow. 

They can be found in capsule machines across Japan, and cost 200yen (US$1.80). Each capsule includes two base blocks, one grey tile, and any of four possible coloured stack – three grey, three yellow, three red, or three blue. 

Another interesting highlight of this toy is that you can stack the tiles even higher if you purchase more than one capsule, making the challenge more difficult. Despite the tile small size, a certain level of technique is still required to make a clean chop, and even more so if you set your stack higher. 

Here are some videos of Japanese celebrities attempting the tile-karate-chop challenge the toy presents:

Japanese pro wrestler Hana Kimura tries…

And professional wrestler Tamu Nakano‘s attempt…

Maji de Wareru Kawara are available in capsule toy machines across Japan now.

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