KMP releasing Huge Onahole based on the Doujinshi “Minami-San Sensational”

The Hentai Doujinshi Minami-San Sensational has caught a lot of attention in the past and soon become one of the most popular among fans.

Onahole and Sex Toy Specialist KMP has taken the opportunity to team up with them and release a Huge Onahole based on the main character Minami.

With 6.5 kgs is the Minami San Sensational Huge Ass one of the largest Anime based Onaholes we have seen. While it might not be 1:1 Scale, it comes pretty close to it and definitely puts Miniami’s Big Juicy Ass right in Front of you, together with her two Cock Hungry Holes.

The design seems to be pretty realistic and we can spot some nice Asshole design as well as some cute Pussylips on this Busty Ass of hers.

While the Price tag with nearly 250 USD isn’t the cheapest, you surely get a lot of “Meat” here to play with it looks like. It also reminds us so much of the Akari Oshiri which is based on the Hentai Anime Yareruko Densha Ecchi and has also been made by KMP. (Link to our friends at otonajp)

Personally I am really considering this as I feel it really evolves the Story of Minami San to a whole new Level. If you are also interested then you can find it here at otonajp who are at the time of this writing also offering the best price for it. Check it out here.

We can see why this Doujinshi got so popular

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