Japanese politicians caught with scantily clad dancers in Wakayama prefecture

While it isn’t the biggest secret that Japanese politicians love to pay a visit here and there to Hostess Clubs in Japan to spend a good chunk of their hard earned Tax sponsored salaries, a party organized by the currently governing Liberal Democratic Party went a bit to far.

The event that was held in Japan’s Wakayama prefecture which is neighboring to Osaka hired scantily clad dancers who were there to entertain the roughly 50 attendees including members of the Diet part of the LDP youth bureau as well as young assembly members of the group.

An article by the Sankei Shimbun shows, based of a Video they got their hands on, that Dancers sat on the laps of male attendees. Some even put banknotes in their mouths to pass to the dancers mouths. Other men also got into the spirit of the event by slipping tips into the dancers costumes and touching their butts.

While the organizers tried to defend what is obviously not a good look for the LDP, specially in such a conservative country as Japan, a representative described the situation as following.

“They are world-class dancers. We wanted to add diversity.”

Since then, the director and deputy director have since resigned to take responsibility.

Did they deserve some fun in your opinion or is this scandal a no go for you?