Girls pooping in latest ASMR series over at DLsite

We have seen a lot here at not only R18 Japan but also me personally but Japanese Hentai powerhouse DLsite has managed to surprise us, me, yes perhaps everyone once again.

In their latest ASMR series called FIRST Haiben – Unchi-on, kika sete moratte idesu ka? (FIRST Pooping – Can I hear the sound of your poop?), we have several pretty girls, in our case here Kazumi, who are pooping. You are not only graced by the sound of them relieving themself but while doing so, they also have a little chit-chat.

So far, the series has 11 entries in total which lets you enjoy not only before mentioned Kazumi but also Ituki, Mei, Myatto, Tiger, Ayumi, Kanano, Yui, Mami last but not least Arisa emptying their bowels.

You can also find a package deal over at DLsite, featuring all 10 of them for about $33.51 as of the time of this writing and if you are on the verge of pulling the trigger on those but you are not yet fully convinced, you can also listen to some sweet Demo’s of all of them doing just this, Pooping and talking.

Let us know your thoughts below!

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