What a Nostalgic Condom Vending Machine looks in Japan

Everyone who has been to Japan in his Life surely was impressed by all the Vending Machines. With over 5 Million of them as of 2017, you can’t spit without hitting one and the number has probably even increased since then. Besides the biggest selection of Soft Drinks I have ever seen anywhere in my Life, we also found the usual Tobacco, Alcohol and Food Vending Machines.

Recently we here at R18 even discovered some of the very rare ones that sell Adult DVD’s and Used Panties, all of this hidden in the Mountains of Wakayama Prefecture where a complete Parking Lot/Service Area was dedicated to them. Our latest Discovery however was a very cute and Nostalgic looking Vending Machine that sells Condoms. It was Sagami Original branded who is one of the most popular Condom brands in Japan. The famous Sagami Originals are so thin that you can’t even feel them. They are even popular overseas, sadly often costing a bit too much in local stores which is why we recommending to order them directly from Japan.

Despite being of an older Age, the machine was fully functional and had four different Offerings, starting from 500 Yen each (about 5 USD) to 800 Yen (about 8 USD). It reminded us a bit of those good old Chewing Gum Dispensers that lots of People use for Decoration Purposes these Days. It should also be noted that the Machine was quite poorly secured, something that is Normal in Japan as Vandalism or Theft still is more rare there then in other parts of the World (including my Home Country) sadly.

While a Condom Vending Machine itself is nothing totally out of the Ordinary in Japan, they are mostly located in hidden Spots and not in the Middle of the Street, in front of a (this Day closed) Drug Store, close to a Local Train- station.

If you are interested in trying out Japanese Condoms yourself then otonaJP has a good selection of them and they ship worldwide. With checking them out, you support our Blog and Stories like these or many others.

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