Fullfrap’s Juuyoku no Jousai action RPG gets English release

An English version of popular Japanese action RPG Juuyoku no Jousai by game studio Fullfrap is now available for PC on DLsite.

Juuyoku no Jousai is a grandiose action hentai game in which you play as the busty heroine as she battles various beasts and levels up her skills. The action is broken up by various lewd scenes.

Here is a short description from the game page: 

[Juuyoku no Jousai, the Fortress of Carnal Lust.]

The story starts as an adventurer sneaking into an ancient castle in search of treasure.In the ancient castle, she is violated by magical beasts, and enters a deep sleep.When she awakens, she finds her soul has been separated from her body.If she can’t find a way to remove the beast’s curse, her spirit will diminish, and eventually disappear.Time is of the essence, she has to hurry. She must fight for her life!


5 large animations

17 mini-animations

8 base illustrations

Both Keyboard and Game Pad can be used

Button configuration of your choice is possible

[FullFlap] Juuyoku No Jousai is now available to download for PC on DLsite.


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