Coco Cola’s first alcohol drink production suspended in Japan because it’s too popular

The production of Coca Cola’s first alcoholic drink has been suspended in Japan due to being too popular which has lead to a shortage of the necessary components to continue production. 

There are four flavours in the Lemondo series of beverages, which is a “Chūhai” (highball) soda-based alcohol drink; “Standard Lemon,” “Salt Lemon,” “Honey Lemon,” and “Ogre Lemon”. All four have been suspended. The alcohol content of the beverages varies in each ranging from 3% alcoholic content to the strongest 9%.

“Lemondo” first went on sale nationwide in Japan back in late October of 2019. Coca Cola Industries Japan stated that sales of the series of beverages “far exceeded expectations” with “stores across Japan running out of stock”. They plan to establish a system to secure sufficient inventory to resume production and shipping by late January.  

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