Can’t stand my sister-in-law, made her put out free of charge at a soapland – JULIA- WAAA-002 – Review

Normally when you don’t like your in-laws you want to do nothing with them as much as possible. This is probably true of JULIA’s “brother in-law, Yuji.” Yet in a twist of the JAV kind, Yuji finds out JULIA is working at soapload brothel and decides to visit her at work. This is how we start off this very intimate blackmail JAV.

At the soapland JULIA is surprised to find Yuji in front of her and tries to joke about it and to leave the room but Yuji won’t have it. He tells her to perform her soapland duties to him, including cleaning him, soaping him his whole body with her own, a blowjob, and titfuck or he’ll tell his brother about JULIA’s job.

She can’t resist his demands and performs her duties, albeit begrudgingly and without a smile on her face. This would normally make a customer unhappy but for Yuji it elates him at making the sister-in law he dislikes to do these naughty things to him.

Of course Yuji wants more and demands she does what is not supposed to happen at soaplands due to it being against Japanese law, full intercourse. JULIA agrees to it but during the whole time she tries to keep her moans in and not her usual lust shows, after all she doesn’t like what she’s being forced to do.

JULIA performs this role very well and goes through the motions without skipping a beat, a true professional in her career, both in real life and in this JAV. . The lighting is really great for this scene and the slight dimness of the “natural light” gives a good mood to the scene. The angles are great too as the camera focuses mostly on JULIA doing her soapland duties, especially when she’s sliding and soaping him up and down his body while he lays down on the inflatable bed and the camera is in the right spot to see her move her tits and ass.

The thing about soaplands is you have to pay for the service, which he actually made JULIA do. Since Yuji is blackmailing JULIA of course he doesn’t want to go through this trouble every time so he tells her to go to his home instead to do the deed. Yuji wastes no time and starts forcing her to give him a blowjob, tit fuck, and intercourse right in the hallway by the front door.

After this of course they work up a sweat so they go to the bathtub to wash up, which is surprisingly big enough to fit them both to clean up. Yuji isn’t done with JULIA yet of course and they start doing it in there too. I know JULIA is on the smaller side but that’s still impressive to fit both of them.

Things continue in the bedroom in which I assume it’s night time as the curtains are drawn and the lights have been turned on. While JULIA still doesn’t like it she does start to moan more from intercourse.

Despite the orange lights in the background, the normal white lights used while shooting a JAV keeps the scene clearly visible and we get to see some hot POV shots of JULIA from the front and behind.

The next scene starts off with Yuji placing an inflatable bed out for JULIA to perform her soapland duties in his home.

While this happens the doorbell rings. Yuji answers the door and finds a very drunk and angry acquaintance of his brothers at the door. JULIA had hidden behind a very large box, which speaks as to how small she actually is, only to be revealed. The acquaintance soon starts going after the naked JULIA in his drunken state and some rougher sex soon follows.

It soon turns to a threesome as Yuji had explained to the acquaintance what happened. The threesome starts on the bed then moves to the inflatable bed where JULIA services both of them at the same time with great coordination. It ends with both of them finishing off in her and on her.

The last scene is decent, though the lighting could have been better at some parts. JULIA keeps it up with the no smiling throughout the whole scene and lets out lots of moans as she’s being DP. It’s amazing how much room is inside this apartment for them to move around as much as they did.

It was a enjoyable JAV to watch and JULIA performs splendidly in it. The camera and lighting work is really well done for such a cramped spacing for most of the JAV. This “cheating” role is very familiar to fans of JULIA and she’s obviously very comfortable doing it which is probably why her acting was very good. I’m sure this won’t be her last cheating JAV.

SCORE 9/10

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